Düsseldorf – There are countless free games for smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, there is a business model behind many: Money is earned through additional components. The download is actually free, but then you will be slowed down after some playing time at once with annoying waiting times. If you liked the game and you want to stick with it, you are almost forced to buy in game components to reduce the waiting time. Even if the individual purchases often cost less than one euro, many small purchases can add up in the end to a stately sum.

Image: People with Samrtphone and Tablet

The problem: In many cases, there are no clear price information in euros, on the basis of which players could read off and estimate costs incurred, so the consumer advocates. The amounts would be displayed as play money in the form of gold talers or diamonds and often could not simply be converted into euros, so that especially children quickly lose track of the real costs.

Parents should therefore lock in the settings of mobile devices, with which the offspring plays, in-app purchases or at least set a password for purchase approval. Otherwise, prepaid card-loaded credit for App Stores is always safer than payment for deposited credit card, account or mobile phone numbers.

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